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Frequently Asked Questions

The NTX Social Mobility Hub is a local resource intended to help local decision makers access the best research and data related to upward economic and social mobility. The Hub was developed to identify opportunities for improving the outcomes of North Texas’ children from all backgrounds. We hope that the resources and data that we have compiled here can help spur new projects to boost mobility across the region.

This website was created by the Child Poverty Action Lab, with development support from Hyperobjekt, and the input of numerous local stakeholders working to improve outcomes for children across North Texas. Staff with UNT Dallas also provided guidance on the vision for this site and connections to the work of the Center on Socioeconomic Mobility Through Learning.

The Child Poverty Action Lab provided funding and support in developing the NTX Social Mobility Hub.

The Hub is intended to be a living website, with updates to the data and research findings made on a regular basis. If you have suggestions for content we should include, please let us know by reaching out through the Contact page.

Contact us by submitting a question through the Contact page.

The data, research, and projects organized on this site were compiled by the Child Poverty Action Lab (CPAL) and other organizations working to advance knowledge of socioeconomic mobility across the United States. We owe gratitude to many organizations, especially Opportunity Insights, Urban Institute, Brookings Institution, Results for America, and others who have helped make this type of information more accessible. All links to references and resources on this site are to the public facing sites, although some content may require payment to access in full (e.g. journal articles).

Data for this website was accessed from publicly available sources, such as the U.S. Census Bureau, or compiled through open records requests from various state or local agencies. For more information on exactly how we gathered the data, visit our public-facing GitHub repository. There you will find information on where we accessed the data, how we processed it for incorporating it into the site, and any limitations or assumptions that you should be aware of. If you still have questions after reviewing that information, let us know by visiting the Contact page!

Yes. You can visit our public GitHub repository to access the data files used to populate the Data Explorer. In addition to the data files (in .geojson, .csv, and .xlsx), you will find the R code we used to generate much of the content on this website. You may use that code to inspire future projects, boost your workflow, or to help in your work to boost upward mobility.

There are many good resources for data, specific to North Texas or the United States in general. A few that we suggest you visit are: