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NTX Social Mobility Hub

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This site is focused on the ways that knowledge about barriers and drivers to upward mobility can be put to action, and how the chances for upward mobility can be increased for all communities.

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What is socioeconomic mobility?

Socioeconomic mobility is the movement of people between economic and/or social groups within a society. In the United States this type of upward mobility is best represented as the American Dream. Unfortunately, the odds of achieving this kind of upward mobility have dwindled for many Americans. This website highlights research that can help us understand factors linked with upward, and downward, mobility. Want to put the research to action and change the odds for upward mobility for children across the region.

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Chetty et al. "The Fading American Dream: Trends in Absolute Income Mobility Since 1940."

There are three main ways to engage with discussions on socioeconomic mobility across the country and here in North Texas:

1. Research Library

Curious to learn about what drives socioeconomic mobility?

Jump into the Research Library to explore leading research on the topic. This is a work in progress, so check back in periodically to see new resources.

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2. Data Explorer

Want to get a sense for the current conditions of communities across North Texas?

Jump into the Explorer. This place-based data tool can help guide future interventions to boost upward mobility.

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3. Pathways to mobility

What are some strategies that could help move the needle?

See how we can improve the odds for upward mobility through intentional, evidence-based resource allocation and alignment.

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